If you’ve ever watched my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I attract the most amazing, dreamy industry leaders into my space and my programs. That’s led to the NUMBER ONE question I’m asked over and over again – to please spill the tea on how I do it! This one question has been filling up my DMs, with people asking me how it’s possible that so many of the people they look up to, admire, and idolize seem to have hired me to be their mentor.

It is SO flattering to be seen as a go-to person for these industry leaders, but the truth is, it’s not just some magical thing about me that attracts them. It’s about the energy I project when I show up, the bomb results I deliver, and the way I’ve built a first class client experience in my business. Of course, I’m not saying that it’s my way or the highway, but don’t ya want to learn from someone who’s done it already?!

The tea is brewing, so if you’re ready for some, you’ve got to tune in to this episode! I’ve got so many lil’ lessons to share with you and this one is going to be GOOD.

In this episode, I’m diving into: 

  • Why I always attract industry leaders AND why they pay me in full
  • How I have created a dream brand and buyer journey so that my clients pay me within hours of finding me online
  • Why your offers and pricing need to reflect what the high level energy girlie wants to invest
  • How to be opinionated and proud of it
  • Opening up thoughtful conversations about the hills you’ll die on
  • Your big dick energy list 🍆

Episode Breakdown

[00:51] The number one question I get in my DMs

[02:52] The power of branding

[09:22] Your buyer journey & client experience

[10:56] Matching your messaging to your ideal clients’ requirements

[12:41] Gaining the social proof to attract new clients

[14:03] Being loud and proud

[15:28] Your energy around your values

[16:06] Communicating in a data driven way

[18:21] Disrupting the norms

[19:50] Telling people how dope you are

Resources & Links In My World

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