We’re back with another sales series episode! Today we’re jumping into modern, new age selling and marketing. If we had a word chosen to describe our marketing, “Icky” is NOT the one we’d want it to be. Sadly, I’ve seen a tonnnn of icky tactics over the last few years and I’m OVER IT. I’m going to be sharing my top 5 icks in this episode, which are things ranging from super coachy, bro marketing tactics, to people just not quite realizing that what they’re doing is putting their buyers off. As sales is a topic I’m so passionate about, I’m also going to be sharing with you the solutions to these 5 icks – don’t worry girlie, I gotchu!

In this episode, I’m spilling the tea on:

  • Why aesthetics and design are such a big hill that I will die on 💀
  • My thoughts on people who drop into my DMs like “😍 hey girl, what are your top 3 business goals?”
  • What happens when you try to talk to everyone at the same time
  • Why you need to go and learn about buyer types RIGHT NOW

Episode Breakdown

[01:06] Aesthetics don’t matter – do they?

[04:56] What happens when you sell with scripts

[05:54] “😍 How’s business going?”

[06:56] When you assume but don’t adapt

[09:10] One size does not fit all

[10:53] Hire the damn designer

[13:23] Speak to the different buyers

[14:58] Creating front face marketing that drives leads into your sexy systems

[18:08] Learning to dance through sales conversations

[19:01] Appear as if you’re speaking to many

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