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We’re here to set new standards, break old boundaries, and create lasting relationships that support you today, tomorrow, and every moment after. So you can experience huge shifts that elevate your business, boost your bank account, and enhance your entire life.

It’s time to welcome a new wave of mentorship and rewrite the narrative of what’s not only possible for you, but what’s soon to be part of your legacy.

You were made for this. // It’s your time.

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The Social Experiment 2-Hour Live Lesson

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You’ve been lied to — and it’s time to expose the truth and offer a new way of doing things. I’m taking you through my entire one-year journey of scrapping everything I once thought to be true about community building and massive growth and swapping it for my own methods, experiments, and rule-breaking.

If you’re ready to disrupt industry norms, connect even deeper with your community, leave the 24/7 “always-on” narrative behind, and step into a new era of marketing and sales, you’re going to want to save your seat.

A revolutionary take on marketing, brand building, and rapidly scaling. 


Meet Your Live Programs

Live, high-touch programs for the woman who’s ready to reach her next level with time-tested strategies, consistent community, and a mentor who refuses to see you fail.

No Figures To 6 Figures Live Group Program (NF6F)

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For the CEO who’s done playing small. Who’s ready to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy. Who craves more — more ease, more consistency, more sold-out programs, more commas in her bank account.

Through cutting-edge strategies and consistent support, this high-touch, LIVE program will take you from overwhelmed and underpaid to actionable clarity and unimaginable income.

An unrivaled 8-week program to help you sustainably scale to six figures and beyond.


The Sales Expert Minimind

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If you’re ready to operate from a place of abundance, attraction, and leadership while embodying the mindset of a 7-figure CEO — so you can sell without selling out — this incredibly hands-on program was made for you.is your next power move.

But you’re not just getting a checklist of what to do, we’re diving deep into sales & buyer psych, so you actually understand why this sh*t works. Together, with 14 other powerful women, you’ll uncover your unique 7-step sales process while humanizing your brand’s voice so you can make a bigger impact and effortlessly attract your dream clients.

I'm ready

8 powerful weeks of combining scientific-based methods with a community-centered approach to sales.

This is a testimonial from a NF6F client. This is a testimonial from a NF6F client. This is a testimonial from a NF6F client.



6 Figures To 7 Figures Mastermind

04 //

For the high-achieving woman who surpassed the 6-figure mark and is looking for unparalleled support, detailed revisions in her business, and a community of like-minded powerful as fuck women to support and guide her on her rise to the top.

We refuse to play small in this 4-month program — fusing 1:1 support and strategy with the depth and power of a group mastermind — you’ll leave with insane results, a new business family, and a detailed action plan for months to come.

I'm in

An interactive, strategy-intensive fusion of 1:1 support and community that will propel you to new, 7-figure heights.


Public Speaking

For when you need a sales, marketing, and community-building expert who keeps it real and leaves your audience’s jaws dropped and laughter turned up to 10.

Here’s an inescapable fact — boring-ass speakers will leave your people thirsty for sustenance and staring at the clock ready to escape. People crave experts who keep it real, who feel relatable, who connect with them on an individual level, who aren’t afraid to let out an ugly-ass laugh on stage — in other words, people crave real humans, not corporate robots.

That’s where I step in, mic in hand. As a 2x founder, ex-designer, and 7-figure business mentor, I’m here to place your people at the heart of our conversations so they can leave with more than “I’ll never actually read these” notes on a page.

Whether you’re looking for actionable insights and key takeaways on marketing, social media, sales & buyer psychology, brand building, or something else — I’ll be there to make it stick.

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1:1 Mentoring

An interactive, strategy-intensive fusion of 1:1 support and community that will propel you to new, 7-figure heights.

This one-of-a-kind, incredibly hands-on container offers exclusive access to me, my packed library of resources, and endless nuggets of strategy & support uniquely crafted for multi 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

45-minute kick-off call to cover your needs and set us up for success

Custom gift box because cuuuuute

Full IG edit to ensure your brand representation is on point

Direct Voxer access for continued support

Customized resource document tailored to your current and future needs 

Fully revamped product suite WITH the sales knowledge to sell it tf out

Once accepted, you’ll receive the following:

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This is a testimonial for 1:1 mentoring.
This is a testimonial for 1:1 mentoring.
This is a testimonial for 1:1 mentoring.
This is a testimonial for 1:1 mentoring.


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The CEO Atelier is a wildly-valuable vault full of FREE NZ resources to take your business to the next level. We’re talking sh*t you’d pay thousands for elsewhere — but you’re getting it for free because we think you deserve it and we know (without a dash of doubt) you’ll be back for more.

(Inside you’ll find TWENTY+ value-packed lessons to rev up your biz)