***Lil update as lots has changed since recording this. After analyzing Q1, we hit did in fact hit half a million in SALES and $300k CASH, spicyyyyy***

HIII miss gurla! I am SO EXCITED to be back recording podcasts again, and today’s is a juicy one – we’re diving into the behind the scenes of how I’ve made almost half a million dollars in sales in 2023 so far. At the end of 2022, I had a bit of a sloooow season (which is totally normal!) but I HAD to pull myself out of it and so coming into 2023, I changed my energy, showed the fuck up and sold out my mastermind with some of the dreamiest, most amazing gals you can imagine. 

I really wanted to share with you how I managed to make this shift and exactly what I’ve been selling to hit almost half a million dollars. Ultimately, it all comes down to the power of my offer suite which has been designed with intentionality and has something for every future client! 

So if you’re ready to hear the behind the scenes of what it takes to get to half a million dollars in just a few months and some of the dumpster fire things that can happen on the way, get cozy and plug in your headphones!

In this episode, I’m spilling the tea on:

  • The behind the scenes of the offers I’ve been selling so far in 2023 to bring in (almost) half a million dollars
  • Gossip on the slow season I had in Q4 2022 before this money wave in Q1 2023
  • What I did to pull myself out of my pity party and make sales
  • Why it’s so important to have an intentional offer suite
  • The power of planning ahead in your business so you can sign clients for the future
  • The reason you might want to look into having a long-term mentor for your business
  • Why I love selling multiple offers at the same time (whoever said you can only sell one thing at a time is a crock of lil’ shit – I’m sorry!)
  • Adapting quickly to give your people what the fuck they want 🔥🌶️
  • Your Entrepreneurial IQ and what the heck that actually means

Episode Breakdown

[00:37] Where I’ve been since my last episode

[03:14] What I’ve been launching so far in 2023

[12:03] Lesson no. 1: My slow season

[17:38] Lesson no. 2: The way I market

[17:49] Lesson no. 3: My intentional offer suite

[20:56] Lesson no. 4: Actually planning out your launches

[21:18] Lesson no. 5: Don’t just sell one thing

[23:37] Lesson no. 6: Your Entrepreneurial IQ

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