Oh my sweet chicken, we have a tough episode ready for you today. It’s tough – but if you’re ready to succeed in business, you’ll still need to listen! Through running my own two businesses (one as a mentor, one as a web designer) and working with hundreds upon hundreds of clients, I’ve spotted these 15 experiences that every single business owner has in common, the things that might come up, the ebbs and flows, the not-so-sexy, not-so-shiny things that are inevitably going to happen and I want to shed some light on them for you.

This is not an episode to shoot you down away from your dream or convince you not to do this. It’s the BEST JOB, in my opinion, I love it, but we need to be more real in this space. We have to keep it a buck and so I’m here to do that. Grab your notebook and psych yourself up for this one!

In this episode, I’m diving into: 

  • The truth about those clients you’re signing
  • What happens when you actually try to switch off
  • The things you’re going to need to learn about yourself to succeed
  • How you might lose yourself to your business – and how to get her back

Episode Breakdown

[02:40] A preface: sometimes things are shit! 💩

[05:29] Part time biz owner, part time therapist

[08:31] Being haunted Casper-style by your clients successes

[10:29] Off switch? No, girl

[12:12] Asking “is this worth it?”

[15:03] Not every client’s gonna make it

[16:45] Not every client’s gonna be a nice client

[20:09] Get your Ts and Cs out, girl

[22:28] On the creation hamster wheel

[23:56] “Business? Completed it.” UM NO

[26:02] It’s a lot, bro

[27:43] Get ready to be uncomfortable

[28:42] Do you really want to burn that bridge?

[29:15] Learning to validate yourself

[30:51] Let go of your fat ego

[32:07] Do not lose your identity to your business

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